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A Nature Poet Who Brings People Together

Discover the true beauty of nature by reading original poetry written by Alan Rosenfield. For over 15 years, I have written many poems about the world around us. I have also penned pieces that touch on the railroad industry, human relations, finance, industry banking, as well as international and national trade. I traveled around America to find inspiration for my poetry and essays, and I feel the writings that I have produced reflect my journeys perfectly.

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Writing poetry has been a passion of mine since I was a child. In school, I would be so consumed with creating poems that sometimes my teachers would try to steer me away from it. I stopped writing for many years, until I was inspired to start again by my wife, who was in the process of getting her Ph.D. This inspiration led me to study and write new poetry.

As a nature poet, writer, and author, I enjoy creating poetry that connects people together. I want my writings to encourage everyone to love each other, be happy, and see the goodness in those around them.


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